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About Me

Height: 6'

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Location: New York City/Nashville

After being recognized as one of New York City’s top headshot photographers for over 20 years, Robert Mannis comes back to his first love of acting.  Although he is easily seen as the gentle dad, the doting husband or the sought-after psychologist, Robert is often drawn to the role of the tortured man with a well-hidden secret. 


Growing up in a musical household that was deeply rooted in church, singing is in Robert’s blood.  He has trained with several acclaimed voice teachers and performed throughout the US. 

Robert Mannis Headshot 3.jpg
Training & Workshops

On-Camera Technique - Bob Krakower, Erica Arvold, Judy Henderson


Commercials - Donna Marrazzo


Scene Study - Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop - Sarah Baskin, Purva Bedi


Musical Theatre Audition - Jen Waldman, Sara Lazarus


Voice - Liz Caplan, Aimee Steele, Deric Rosenblatt, Katie Agresta, James Wigginton

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