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 I detest being photographed. I always feel  uncomfortable in front of a camera because I don’t think I am the least bit photogenic. My experience with Robert, however, was a dream come true. He created a safe, friendly and relaxing environment. The process was fun and the results far exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Robert Mannis highly enough!

– Taylor Trensch, Dear Evan Hansen







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     I know as an actor you are expected to love getting your photo taken but it’s actually my least favorite part about being in this business. Not only has Robert Mannis taken the best head shots I have ever had, he made the process incredibly relaxing, natural and even enjoyable!

– Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family








I had an awesome time with Robert. The best headshots come from when the client can be vulnerable and personal with the lens, and Robert made this easy by making me feel so comfortable during our session. He is a great communicator and put forth every effort to make sure we got shots that I was pleased with. And Robert is with you and easily accessible through the whole post-process of retouching, printing, etc.  I have such respect for the fact that Robert is not about “getting a glamour” shot, but works to portray his clients as themselves so that the end product is honest, classy, and conveys the personality and story behind the person in the head shot.

– Ashley Park, Mean Girls






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    Robert is a pleasure and professional from start to finish. Everything is thought out and cared for in terms of the logistics/business. As to the shoot, I love his calm, warm energy, which put me at ease but also let me “play” a bit. He gave helpful, subtle direction but mostly allowed me the space to feel comfortable and open up. He knows what he wants and has a clear vision but also let me weigh in. I love that my photos look like me – they are both natural and polished. I can’t recommend him enough.

– Siobhan Kolker






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Bottom line, I hate getting my picture taken.  Even more, I hate getting headshots taken.  There’s just so much pressure to capture the “perfect” shot.  WELL, with Robert Mannis, all of that pressure is gone.  He makes you feel completely at ease.  He all but guaranteed me that we would get something I loved, and he did so in a matter of seconds.  Once we started, I just relaxed, I followed his lead, and….I actually enjoyed myself.  A session with Robert is going to deliver.  From the effortless calming energy in which he works right down to the beautiful composition of his pictures.
This is the guy.

– Gavin Creel, Tony Winner, Hello Dolly





testimonial-6 robert mannis photography

I loved working with Robert Mannis! He was very responsive, pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, and so creative in our conversations that he really helped evoke a range of diverse and complex emotions that show through in my head shots. I get so many compliments on the resulting images, and more auditions too! I can’t thank him enough.

– Sarah Allyn







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Robert is a dream to work with! He makes you feel so comfortable and “at home” in your session–and it shows in all of his photos. My favorite part about Robert is how he is constantly checking in with you throughout the session, showing you his favorite shots and asking your opinion, and even showing you the not-so-great shots for a good laugh now and then. I can’t recommend Robert enough!

– Nic Rouleau, The Book of Mormon







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 There are many people in this city who know how to take a picture. There are very few people who possess that skill and also have a gift for working with actors to transform a still print into a living statement of who that person is. Robert is a true artist because he provides an atmosphere of support that allows you to be confident in yourself to discover truth, sincerity, and depth in the moments that are ultimately captured. He is masterful in the areas of light, angle, color, and composition. He is incredibly knowledgeable of the business we work in and the needs and demands that follow. He is insightful, intelligent, professional, and dedicated to anyone who he works with. But most of all, it is Robert’s passion and style that sets him apart from any other photographer. In a business of storytellers, you want to have the final say as to which story you share with creative teams, casting directors, and agencies. Robert will guide you along the way to make sure this happens and you will rarely walk out of a room before being asked, “who took your head shots?”

– Josh Bardier






I’ve had quite a few head shots taken over the course of my career, but working with Robert Mannis was the best experience from beginning to end.  He took time to answer my questions and made great suggestions about the looks I needed.  During the session he creates such a fun environment, it’s easy to find that emotional connection that make his portraits stand out.  And he’s incredibly helpful during the post-production process when other photographers seem to disappear.  The final shots are terrific and getting great response.  Thank you Robert!

– Karen Culp, House of Cards